Monday, October 28, 2013

Beautiful (rainy) Bergen

I'm back- after a short hiatus. I wanted to share some beautiful photos and experiences from Bergen, which is the second largest city in Norway. I arrived ready to give a presentation and form collaborations with Norwegian scientists; I even stayed at the house of one of the library researchers. The weather was awful nearly the entire time I was there, so I wasn't able to do too many touristy things. But - I was able to take some pictures when the rain let up.

My overall impressions of the city were pretty positive: it was cheaper than Trondheim (I got a beer for $5 instead of the typical $13 price in Trondheim), there was a great student presence (the University isn't very old but it teaches a lot of students), and there is great beauty. I was told that the city is very enjoyable during the summer months. I can imagine.

Library where my host works
I did get to hike through a really neat forest. The sights were surreal with waterfalls, lakes, old trees, and pretty colors all around. I am posting some of the photos below. I also saw some of the nightlife and ate some local Norwegian food (I had a lamb burger, which was a first for me).

I can't wait to go back some day!

View of Trondheim from the radio tower (see next photo)

Radio tower that overlooks the city of Trondheim

View of Bergen from a Cathedral

Neat street with shops in Bergen

Observation point to see the entire city of Bergen - a little foggy this day

Awesome forest that I was able to hike through

Foggy lake on the hike

View of the lake in downtown Bergen

Cannon protecting the old fortress in Bergen

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