Monday, September 23, 2013

Upcoming travel plans

Happy Monday evening from Norway! It's been awhile since I posted so I thought it would be nice to give a few updates from the past couple weeks and the next month. Last week was pretty productive in terms of work: I finished the preliminary analyses for my first dissertation paper (they will likely change multiple times once my committee reads them over, but it is a great outline) and I have been working on pulling the paper together in its entirety. This weekend I went hiking again (but got rained out) and had a relaxing Sunday with two of my closest friends in Trondheim; one Russian student and another native Norwegian student.

Pulpits Rock in Stavanger
My upcoming month is very hectic in terms of travel. On Friday I am going to Tromsø to visit a colleague; the city is very North (in the arctic circle I believe), but also very beautiful. I have posted a photo of Tromsø below. After I return next Monday, my Aunt will arrive a few days later to Trondheim! She will stay with me for three nights and I will take a mini-vacation and travel through Germany with her. We bought a EuroRail pass and plan to see five or six different cities in southern Germany. Once we get back, a good friend and colleague from Florida will be waiting for me from Florida, and we will take a short 2-day trip to Stavanger to hike a famous fjord/cliff. I have provided a photo of this hiking spot as well. And my travels will end with another trip to Bergen at the end of the month, the second largest city in Norway.

A picture of Tromsø
Otherwise, I am really settled in here and have gotten used to the expensive prices (for the most part). Although, I did go to Burger King (which I never eat at in the US) and paid $14 for a chicken burger combo---No joke. But the difference is that minimum wage is Norway is ~$20, so I guess I have to pay for those high salaries somehow. I'll post about my experience in Tromsø in about a week! Until then, I leave you with some more photos from around town!
Another view from my hotel room

Me ringing a bell at the top of a Cathedral in Bern -- oops

The bus I take to school each day - and my office on the left

The hike I did on the rainy miserable, cold day :)

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