Friday, August 23, 2013

Beautiful Trondheim

End of a great week #1
Thanks for joining me again for my next blog post! I've been here a full week now and it seems like it's been almost a month. I've met so many great people and have started forming the beginnings of my dissertation. I've also spent some time walking around the city snapping some photos of the natural beauty: you can see the amazing contrast of colors from the photos I am posting. As you can see, Norway is a city full of an eclectic blend of vibrant colors (not the people of course, it's a pretty homogenous town [well, country] in terms of race). Today, an "American scientist" came to workshop ideas with the Norwegian scholars; it turns out that this professor (Dr. Jay Belsky) works with professors in my department and friends of my in California. It really is a small, small academic world. For the most part, I have been able to figure out the city and begin to know how to get around without asking locals for help. The bus system is one of the best I have ever seen- it is almost always on time and there are busses everywhere. It is much more enjoyable to drive around here than in the big American cities, but there is still traffic during rush hour, which is more like 4:00pm here. My plans for the upcoming week are to map out the three papers of my dissertation, play around with the data I will be using, host a colleague and friend for a couple days before we travel to Lausanne, Switzerland for a conference, and enjoy the sun while it lasts. The temperature was an incredible 70 degrees today and will continue throughout the weekend, so I best enjoy the sun before the snow and freezing temperatures arrive. My California skin will probably be in shock once the cold weather arrives. One of the places that is central for students is the student union, or "stud enter samfundet", the red building in the photo to the right. This is where most of the activities happen for the students; I have yet to visit inside. There are also cinemas (movie prices aren't too bad, about $16 per movie), and a national theatre that brings Norwegian versions of plays like West Side Story. I will leave you with some other photos I took today, and will write about Switzerland in a week!

Check out these huge bumblebees that frequent Trondheim! And this is the cathedral taken from an angle including some tombstones that surround the front of the castle. And below is the view of the city from the fortress that used to protect Trondheim from the British. "The British are coming!"

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